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This is what you will find inside The Grateful Chain:

Inspirational Stories and Quotes - In this section you will find some great articles and fantastic mini-videos especially selected to inspire you. We love it when YOU contribute your favourite stories too and there is a special place to do that HERE.

The Grateful Chain - The idea that began this website. We know that ‘being grateful’ is an uplifting exercise. Now we’ve made it more interactive and created a community of people who choose to practise expressing gratitude as a positive habit. You are welcome to do it once, come back occassionally or adopt it as a daily ritual. The best thing about gratitude is - you can do it anywhere and at any time. The important thing is that you do it. Enjoy yourself with this one. It’s supposed to be fun.

What Simple Things Make You Really Happy? - We just love to find out what makes you happy! This is a simple question that will make you smile as you think of the answers. Get involved and share your thoughts and feelings too.

Better News Stories *NEW PAGES - Sometimes the news can have a dampening effect on our lives without us even being consciously aware of it. But, it’s also nice to keep up with what is happening in the world. The popular news featured on these pages is better than most (some 60 stories in 3 different categories, that CHANGE DAILY!). Health News, Environmental News and Social Science News.

What Is The Moral Of This Story? - There are so many stories that are passed around on the Internet, through books, via word of mouth etc, and even though they are fictitious, they can help us to ponder the deeper meanings of life. You are welcome to share your stories and thoughts here with us as well. Your words might be just what someone else needs to read today.

Free Inspirational E-Cards - Here you will find our treasure trove of beautiful and inspirational e-cards which you are very welcome to download and print out. You can also Subscribe To Free Weekly Inspirational Quotes, delivered to your inbox each week.

How To Be Happy - The articles and advice in this section focus on practical things you can do to achieve a higher degree of happiness…and let’s face it…everything helps.

Inspirational People *NEW SECTION - A candid look at people (both alive and dead) who have inspired and moved us.

Change Your Life - Articles intended to impact the way we think and view life.

Mini-Movies - Inside our mini-movie archive, you will find a series of short, inspirational and motivational mini-clips as well as some simply for fun and entertainment. Enjoy Them! At our sister site Mini-Movie-Maker, you can also find out how to make your very own mini-movie clips or how to turn your home videos into fantastic productions EASILY, on you computer at home.